Love For Reading

Hour of Code Refliction

i did Dance Party it was fun because you got to control our own creative hour of code. i went to level five i also wish i could do way more coding because it is so so much fun.


Colonial Occupations

Today is a day I will be working on pottery. I love working here because you get

to make all kinds of stuff and we get to make bowls,mugs,and jugs

for the colonists that need it in their everyday lives.I also love that these

bowls,mugs,and jugs are made out of clay.Why I love it is because I love getting creative.

Sometimes in our spare time we would make pottery and sell them to our neighbors.

We also had our own colonial kitchen that had plenty of pottery.Some early colonial pots,called

redware,were glazed with lead.If you add sand to the clay it would be made stronger.making

pots were lots of work.a pottery needed to be coordinated to use a will.

Colonial Leader

Who is Squanto?

an indian from a wampanoag tribe

and was born 1580 in Massachusetts

his full name was Tisquantum

and he was also nationality an American

he got kidnaped by his tribe by white explorers,and was taken to England,and he also learned English

and he was known from Guidance,advice,and translation services to the Mayflower settlers

he died on november 30,1622,at chatham MA

so he got buried at burial hill cemetery plymouth,MA and,

that is squanto.

The kids and the mummy

One day on a normal night.When i woke up from a good night sleep,I heard the doorbell ring and it was Sophia.She said hi Sophie good morning Do you want to ask your mom and dad if you can play.I can’t play at your house my dad won’t let me I said can Jlynn,Gentry,Ambriele come to yeah of course.So we went to her house,but got our friends on the way for her house.When all of us got there her parents said hi sophie how are you?Good how bought you?oh i am fine alright ya’ll go play now yes mam all of us yelled…A few hours later it was getting dark,and we were getting bored,so we decided to take a walk in the woods.It was kind of windy though and Jlynn said that is kind of weird yep then we heard a noise.It said hooooo like a wisitile kind of.We all looked at eachother and ran.We still heard the noise.It got louder,louder,louder every time we ran we were so afraid.It said wait don’t leave I just want friends.We all turned around and said,but monster’s are supposed to be scary my name is Wyatt.What’s your’s?Jlynn,Gentry,Sophie,Sophia.It was weird to talk to a monster but at the end we became friends.





Pumpkin Patch

the beautiful family went to the Pumpkin Patch .There was a gorgeous red house and some crazy pumpkins.
And the pretty little girl saw a funny pumpkin.And the beastly boy found a ugly pumpkin.Then the forty two year old mom found a pumpkin.The quirky dad found a creepy they were on the way home but they found a fat pumpkin so they all raced to get it.

4th Grade Reflection


Life in 5th grade

First the teachers started telling us the rules in fifth grade.and the expectations of fifth grade .I love fifth grade because it prepares you for 6th grade. And why i love fifth grade because it is easy because you already know your facts and we always learn our facts.We get to go outside in the morning if we behave the other day.We take test sometimes so we can get a higher grade for the whole year.In all of the class’s we sometimes play games.Also in Mrs.Mcfall’s class we are going to do lots of reader’s theater.That is life in fifth grade.


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