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Pumpkin Patch

the beautiful family went to the Pumpkin Patch .There was a gorgeous red house and some crazy pumpkins.
And the pretty little girl saw a funny pumpkin.And the beastly boy found a ugly pumpkin.Then the forty two year old mom found a pumpkin.The quirky dad found a creepy pumpkin.so they were on the way home but they found a fat pumpkin so they all raced to get it.

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4th Grade Reflection


Life in 5th grade

First the teachers started telling us the rules in fifth grade.and the expectations of fifth grade .I love fifth grade because it prepares you for 6th grade. And why i love fifth grade because it is easy because you already know your facts and we always learn our facts.We get to go outside in the morning if we behave the other day.We take test sometimes so we can get a higher grade for the whole year.In all of the class’s we sometimes play games.Also in Mrs.Mcfall’s class we are going to do lots of reader’s theater.That is life in fifth grade.


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Pixel Art

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Hour of Code Reflection

I did make your own Google Sign. I learned that Coding is really fun to design Google Signs.

Bat coloring squares

Good bye third grade

I liked the parties and teachers and i love how thankful they are ps.they are not trying to be mean they are trying to help.

I learned to multiply and to divid the teachers helped me alot.

My edvice is if you are about to come to third grade the teachers are nice not mean.



Mystery Message

Place value

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